Terror$2.00 (+100.00%)
The One Ring (Borderless)$64.99 (+45.55%)
Talisman of Hierarchy$2.42 (+39.88%)
Ondu Spiritdancer$19.24 (+28.27%)
Lazotep Plating$2.98 (-24.94%)
Ghoulish Impetus$7.88 (+23.32%)
Vault of the Archangel$3.00 (-22.48%)
Khabál Ghoul$203.05 (+20.16%)
Waste Not$9.81 (-17.49%)
Spellstutter Sprite$6.12 (+17.24%)
Wheel of Misfortune$10.61 (-15.79%)
Nemesis of Reason$4.76 (-15.75%)
Phyrexian Arena$4.04 (+15.43%)
Food Chain$19.99 (-14.86%)
Decadent Dragon$5.73 (+14.83%)
Mountain (1366)$5.50 (-14.60%)
Mountain (1358)$6.34 (-13.98%)
Radiate$6.16 (+13.86%)
Preordain$2.98 (+13.74%)
Skred$2.93 (+13.57%)
Maskwood Nexus$4.39 (+12.56%)
Mountain (1359)$7.33 (-12.22%)
Knight Exemplar$8.28 (+11.14%)
Samwise Gamgee$2.22 (+11.00%)
Peer into the Abyss$2.98 (+10.78%)
Treebeard, Gracious Host$5.04 (-10.64%)
The Locust God$3.74 (-10.53%)
Relentless Assault$2.77 (+10.36%)
Glissa Sunslayer$2.47 (+10.27%)
Grim Hireling$4.14 (+9.81%)
Virtue of Loyalty$11.42 (+9.81%)
Arcbound Crusher$3.99 (-9.52%)
Mountain Goat$5.82 (-9.49%)
Spiteful Visions$2.42 (-9.36%)
Relentless Rats (0011)$20.43 (-9.36%)
Underworld Dreams$9.28 (-9.29%)
The First Sliver$36.28 (-9.28%)
Manabarbs$2.48 (+9.25%)
Nephalia Drownyard$2.27 (-9.20%)
Hellcarver Demon$5.96 (+9.16%)

Weekly Winners (41)

09 Oct
by Arjen

Since Peter is away for the weekend, I've taken the liberty the write up this week's weekly winners. A bit later than expected today, but nonetheless, here it is. Sufficiently has happened this week and hopefully in time for the FNM. So, once again, I present you the cards that will be the talk of the town tonight.


#1 Storm World +4379.5% ($447.50)

Storm World

+4379.5% is an unbelievable high percentage for a card to increase with. About a week ago, this Legends rare was a $10 card and is now sitting at almost $450. It even briefly rose to $800. Now what happened that a card like this can spike this much: buyout. The unbanning of Black Vise last week, which we also discussed in last week's Weekly Winners, is the main reason that Storm World spiked. It basically does the same as The Rack, but to all players. Since Black Vise got unbanned, you could speculate that there are now more cards in Legacy to punish opponents for playing conservative and for quickly emptying their hand.

I think we could all agree that this card does not warrant a price tag this high. It simply got bought out on a speculation. There are several other examples of Legends rares that suddenly spiked, just like Field of Dreams did last week.


#2 Atarka's Command +108.0% ($14.00)

Atarka's Command

Atarka's Command rose thanks to Briand DeMars's deck, who took first place in the SCG Standard Open this weekend, playing this card as 4-off. After winning, the card quickly spiked to $17, and is already settling down to $14. If you have any of these card lying around, I would strongly advise you to unload them now they're hot. Simply, because I don't see if being played in an eternal format, other than Modern, and thus don't see it going any higher than its current price.

Once the card rotates out, I expect the price to drop.


#3 Dromoka's Command +42.6% ($4.99)

Dromoka's Command

Dromoka's Command is being played in Standard Abzan and, just like its "sibling" Atarka's Command very cheap to cast for only 2 mana with several modes you can cast it for. The funny thing is that I don't actually see a lot discussion about this card. After the release of Dragons of Tarkir, the card was a $5 card and quickly rose to over $9. After that, it steadily came down again. Last week, we've seen an increase in price of this card again, slowly climbing up. If you can find a few cheap ones, I would certainly pick them up, but don't sit on them for too long. They do see some fringe play in Modern, but I don't see any long future for this card.


#4 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy +39.9% ($69.95)

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy

I basically made Jace, Vryn's Prodigy the #4 Weekly Winner, because of the "low" percentage it rose, but I Jace is one of the most interesting cards in mtg finance if you ask me. It sees a lot of play in Standard, but also is being played and experimented with in both Modern and Legacy. 

In Legacy, we see Jace appearing in Reanimator decks, where it functions as way to bin a fatty to the graveyard. After Jace sparks, it can be used to flash back a reanimate spell for example. In Legacy, it's quite easy to get 4 cards in the graveyard, activating Jace and binning the 5th.

Personally, I don't think that Jace, Vryn's Prodigy will go any higher than $80. Not even sure if it's going to reach that price at all, but if he does, it will probably be its peak. I do think the card is powerful enough to stay in eternal formats. Also, planeswalkers are always hot.



Cheap Pickups


Dark Confidant

Dark Confidant


Kiora, Master of the Depths

Kiora, Master of the Depths





Akroma, Angel of Wrath

Akroma, Angel of Wrath


Iona, Shield of Emeria

Iona, Shield of Emeria


Blinkmoth Nexus

Blinkmoth Nexus

Arjen has been playing Magic since Ice Age and has mostly played the Legacy format. Ten years ago he founded MTGStocks because he and his friends wanted to buy Magic singles at the right time to play with.

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