Other Addons & Extensions


Announcement channel

There is a Telegram that will keep you up to date with interests and the most important news. In the future, we might expand what will and will not be broadcasted through that channel.

Card pricing bot

You can invoke the @MTGStocksBot in any chat you have. You can mention this bot in any private or group chat to link a card.


  • @MTGStocksBot Giant Growth
    Will show the prices of several versions of Giant Growth which you can choose one from to use in your chat.
  • @MTGStocksBot Giant Growth &BBD
    Specifically searches for the Battlebond version of Giant Growth.


The official MTGStocks Alexa skill lets you easily and quickly look up the prices from Magic: the Gathering cards. You can ask for a price of a card and we will reply with the cheapest version available, but you are also able to ask for a card from a specific set. This way you can always check the prices everywhere you go!

Example sentences:

  • Alexa, ask mtg stocks what is the price of Counterspell.
  • Alexa, ask mtg stocks what is the price of Counterspell from Tempest.

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