Where do you get your pricing data from?

All prices are being provided by TCGplayer and Magic Cardmarket.

Is there a way I can support MTGStocks?

You sure can and it's free! Whenever you purchase cards from TCGplayer or Card Kingdom please always click to their website through MTGStocks. It would help us out greatly and doesn't cost you a thing.

What is the difference between the prices on the card pages?

We currently offer two price points:

  • Low: The lowest price a card is currently listed for.
  • Average: Average price for how much a card is currently listed.
  • Highest: The highest price a card is currently listed for.
  • Market: Price point metric for how much a card has actually recently been sold.

What condition of the cards do these prices reflect?

The prices are averages (or derivatives of the prices) of all cards of Lightly Played and better condition.

I see some abbreviations on the website. What do they mean?

  • ATH: All Time High.
  • ATL: All Time Low.

Why do you exclude certain sets from the default Interests?

We exclude sets which are not tournament legal in Legacy, Vintage, Standard, Pioneer and Modern. Beside those sets, we exclude the ones which are very rare.

This might seem odd, but if we assume there are only a few stores/people offering a certain card from the Alpha set and the cheapest one gets bought, we would immediately see an effect on its average price. We usually are not interested in these effects, because it does not really give a proper insight in the card's value.

How often will you update this site?

We can't make a lot of guarantees about this. MTGStocks is a hobby project, we will make updates and create new functionalities when we have time available. We do have a list of things we do would like to add or change in time.

Can I safely create an account on your site?

Yes, definitely. We use an encrypted connection to our servers and passwords are encrypted in the database. We will never use your information without your permission. Refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.

I've thought of a feature that should be added to MTGStocks!

That's great! Not really a question though. Please contact us and tell us what you'd like. Please be clear with the description of this functionality.