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MTGStocks is a labor of love. The Premium subscription fee helps us pay for server costs, development costs, and general site upgrades - things that help us make MTGStocks as awesome as possible.



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MTGStocks is a wonderful tool to keep you up to date on daily card buying/selling trends. Exclusive Inventory access is wonderful at showing up to date collection value.
Brandon E.
Premium helps me to keep track of my collection in real time. I can input purchase prices and sale prices and keep track of changes in value all in the same place. With multiple options for tracking price effect from metagame changes it's full of features one can't find anywhere but here.
Walter B.
I've enjoyed using MTGStocks to keep my finger on the pulse of Magic's ups and downs, and have access to information in an easy to read manner.
Caleb G.
MTGStocks Premium has paid for itself time and time again in my cost savings for magic. Watching the market, specing on cards, and tracking my collection have helped me to use buylists to my advantage. I've built several new commander decks for the cost of a single precon through following market movers, buying low and selling high. Don't pay inflated prices for singles; get these tools.
Scott J.
Since it's inception MTGStocks has been the premiere go-to site for referencing both current and historical MTG card prices. I use it every day to keep up on the latest trends and you should too!
Bruce W.
I think it is worth it to anyone who is either a store owner or speculator selling on their own. Plenty of tools to help you find what you are looking for.
Eric P.
MTGStocks has allowed me to effortlessly track my speculation cards and jump on opportunities. It's been invaluable.
Eric D.
MTGStocks Premium has allowed me to keep on top of price fluctuations in sealed product with a set and forget mentality; no daily/weekly having to check it and this alone, without all the other tools would make it worthwhile.
Iron K.


Price Alerts

Be alerted instantly via email, SMS, or Telegram when price movements occur for your favorite cards.

Forget constantly refreshing websites - updates are pushed to your phone.


Brand-new dashboard that helps you get a birds-eye view on the latest market changes.

Super performers (based on 7 key criteria). Trending cards and sets.

Expanded Interests

The Interests feature you know and love, now super-charged!

Monthly Interests give you a more well-rounded view, above-and-beyond daily changes.

"Inventory" Interests, based on your MTGStocks Inventory.

Underpriced Cards

Buy low, sell high.

We tell you what cards are in low supply and great opportunities to get for cheap.

Premium Inventory

View historical value changes in your inventory over time. Import your export files from multiple websites back into your inventory. Access inventory details from each card page for extra convenience. See the average price for which you have bought and sold cards.

Penny Stocks

View cards below $5 that have started a significant uptrend based on its average or market price. Get these cards before they further go up in price.

Minute Movers

Get a notification through E-mail, Telegram, or Discord when card's prices move. You can set your own rules on when these notifications should trigger and on what cards.

Card Kingdom Interests

Whenever Card Kingdom changes its prices on both retail and buylist, you can see these differences. This feature allows you to make more informed decicions on when to buy or buylist cards with them.

Card Kingdom: Cheaper than TCGplayer

This feature displays all cards that are presently less expensive on Card Kingdom compared to their price on TCGplayer (low). It only exhibits cards that are currently available on Card Kingdom at the time of price collection.

Card Kingdom: Rapid Riches

This identifies cards that were once priced at $0.25 or below within the past month but have since increased to a value of $1 or more. By monitoring these price changes, you can gain insights into card value trends, and find the cards to pick out of your bulk box.

Discord Premium Channels

Get access to the MTGStocks Discord Premium channels! As Premium user you can link your account and get access.