Handy Lists

We have bundled cards, that have something in common, in lists of which we believe are handy to be able to see together. If you have a suggestion for additional lists which could be beneficial for other users, send us a message.

Cycling lands

These are lands that come with the Cycling mechanic, allowing players to draw a card for a cost, increasing deck versatility.

Dual lands

Dual Lands are lands that can produce two different types of mana, offering strategic flexibility in mana management.

Fetchable Lands

These are lands that can be retrieved from the deck using fetch lands, improving mana consistency.

Fetch lands

These lands can fetch lands that have a basic land type from your deck, improving mana consistency and deck thinning

Filter Lands

Filter Lands are lands capable of converting one color of mana into another, providing an edge in multicolor decks.

Flip Cards

These are MTG cards with two faces that can transform during gameplay, adding a unique dynamic to the game.

Godzilla series

Cards from the Godzilla Series feature iconic characters from the Godzilla franchise, bringing a pop culture twist to your MTG collection.

Legacy Staples

These are key cards frequently played in the Legacy format, forming the backbone of many competitive decks.


Manlands are lands that can turn into creatures, usually for a specific mana cost, enabling unexpected attacks or blocks.

Modern Staples

These are the most prevalent and influential cards in the Modern format, crucial for any serious Modern player.

Mystery Booster Cards

Cards from the Mystery Booster set, known for its vast pool of reprints and the chance of getting cards from any era of MTG.

Mythics below $1

Mythic Rare cards valued under $1, offering powerful abilities at an affordable price.

Pauper Staples

These are the most commonly used cards in Pauper, a format where only cards printed at the common rarity are allowed.

Pioneer Staples

These cards are commonly played and form the basis of the Pioneer format, which includes cards from Return to Ravnica and onward.

Pioneer: Top 100 expensive legal cards

The 100 most expensive cards that are legal to play in the Pioneer format.


These are powerful cards representing major characters in MTG's lore, each with unique abilities that can change the course of a game.

Power 9

The nine most powerful cards in Magic's history, often considered the pinnacle of power in the game.

Reserved List

Cards on this list will never be reprinted by Wizards of the Coast, preserving their scarcity and value.

Shock lands

Dual lands that can enter the battlefield untapped at the cost of 2 life, offering strategic flexibility at a price.

Standard legal cards in eternal formats

Cards that are currently in Standard and are also playable in eternal formats such as Legacy, Vintage, or Modern.

Standard Staples

These are the most commonly played cards in the current Standard format, essential to staying competitive.

Tokens: Top 100 expensive tokens

The 100 most valuable token cards, which are supplementary cards produced by certain spells and abilities.

Top 100 most expensive cards

The top 100 most expensive cards ever printed

Vintage Staples

These are the most commonly played cards in the Vintage format, encompassing some of the oldest and most powerful cards in MTG.