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Gem 10 Alpha Black Lotus Up for Auction

Magic: The Gathering has long been a pillar in the world of trading card games. It has captured the hearts of gamers and collectors alike with its intricate gameplay, unique card designs, and intricate lore. At the center of it all is one card that stands above the rest, the Black Lotus.

Black Lotus Ancestral Recall Birds of Paradise

Magic Real-Estate: Enemy Fetch lands

We don't often post an article that's not a Friday Weekly Winners one, but I wanted to give you some extra insights in the current state of the enemy colored fetch lands and that it currently may be a good opportunity to invest in your Magic real estate. Lets look a bit at these lands and see if we can find something interesting.

Misty Rainforest Verdant Catacombs Scalding Tarn

Card Conduit Review: Easiest way to sell your collection?

Card Conduit is a new service to sell your Magic cards easily and fast. It was created by the fine people from CardHoarder and plays into the needs of people who want to sell their cards but are simply lacking the will or time to spend hours and hours sorting through, buylisting, and listing each individual card on eBay or TCGplayer. The concept is relatively simple: you ship them your cards, and they will sort them out, buylist them to the highest vendors, ship the cards to these vendors, take a fee for their services, and pay you the rest of the proceeds.

Iconic Masters: Listing the Mythics and Rares

With the dust settling from the HasCon panel and the Iconic Masters sealed tournament, we have a good picture of the mythics and rares of this set. So, barring any errors that have slipped in, this should be definitive the list.

Mana Drain Thoughtseize Lord of the Pit

The Numbers on the Reserved List buyouts

The last weeks I have been a bit fascinated by the buyouts that are happening all across the board, where mainly cards from the notorious Reserved List seem to be targeted. Cards that aren't played like, anywhere, which were only a few dollars are jumping into the hundreds, solely based on speculation.

MTGStocks Interviews: Rachel Agnes

On this episode of MTGStocks interviews: I sat down for a hilarious chat with Rachel Agnes. Outspoken Vintage Super League player and super cool Magic player. Visit her at: On Twitch Baetog_, on Twitter Baetog_, and on Facebook Rachel Agnes.

MTGStocks interviews a pro: Todd Stevens

In a recurring series, I’m going to sit down with some of the most prominent players in each format and pick their brain on a range of topics. In this episode, I sat down with Todd Stevens, a prominent Modern player and SCG tour rockstar. Visit and support him here: @ToddStevensMTG on Twitter, Todd Stevens on Facebook, ToddStevensMTG on Twitch and you can look for his articles on Star City Games!

Duel Decks Anthology announced: a precedent set?
This week Wizards announced Duel Decks: Anthologies. A cool new boxset with the first four Duel Decks that were ever printed. Nice huh? But does Wizards set a precedent with this reprint?
Battle of the Beasts

Remember the days your opponent scooped when you Show and Tell'd Progenitus into play? Who knew at that time things would only get better for Sneak and Show (and worse for their opponents)? Yeah Emrakul and Griselbrand, ...

Presenting Commander 2013

We have added Commander 2013 to the site, so you can now track the prices of this newest expansion!

And of course we already have some cards that are increasing in price and hitting our interest page. Card pictu...