Weekly Winners 2021 - 33

20 Aug
by Arjen

A very slow week. We see some price fluctuations around cards we have already discussed in the weeks before, but nothing really major. Could this be the silence before the storm before the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt spoilers start? Even the cards that I was able to select for this week didn't take a whole of time to discuss, so this week's article is a bit more concise than you are used to. Hopefully we have a more interesting week next week!

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#1 Omen of Fire $14.60 (+83%)

Omen of Fire


We already saw a bit of movement from this card last week, but again we see it going up. Two weeks ago this card was selling for $5, but has now almost tripled. Last week I didn't discuss it, because I simply saw a card from Alliances on the reserved list and brushed it off as yet another reserved list spike. Even though I still think this is mostly the case, it felt like a card we could address this week since it has been going up for two weeks straight now.

Omen of Fire does see some commander play and can be a real blowout as also mentioned by a follower on Twitter. But when we look up this card on EDHRec we see it barely sees any play. The card seems like it has a pretty fringe use case against certain colours. Someone probably bought several copies of it, price went up and then people jumped on it to buy remaining copies because it is on the reserved list.


Omen of Fire



#2 Sarkhan Unbroken $16.63 (+43%)

Sarkhan Unbroken


It seems like we have to discuss a new card revolving around Dragons every week. Last week we discussed The Ur-Dragon, and the week before that Scalelord Reckoner and Goldspan Dragon. Because of the hype around dragons that Adventures in the Forgotten Realms created it seems that people are scattering around to find what cards revolve around dragons as well. One of the main new drivers around it are commander decks with Tiamat.

In the case of Sarkhan Unbroken we see that the regular version has "only" gone up with 43%, but the foil version has gone up with almost 130% to $39. But don't forget Sarkhan also exists in a Mythic Edition. When we look at that Sarkhan Unbroken we see it has gone up with 130% as well to $100.

The dragons are probably the same reason that we see a spike in uncommon Dragon Tempest. We see the several versions move in price costing you between $4 and $6.


Sarkhan Unbroken
The Ur-Dragon
Scalelord Reckoner
Sarkhan Unbroken
Goldspan Dragon


#3 Aggravated Assault $35.99 (+30%)

Aggravated Assault


This card is not one of the big risers this week, but I thought it may be a fun one to explore. Even though it already was $20 before the price increases it is sometimes fun to show people cards they may not be familiar with. It currently is used by people as upgrade in the Draconic Rage commander deck.

Aggravated Assault is a powerful card that enables you to get extra combat phases. If you are able to untap your lands, or generate obscene amounts of mana, you can get a lot of additional combat phases during your turn. When you combine it with a card like Bear Umbra where you can keep untapping your lands when you attack, you can get infinite combat phases and close the game.

It also has a cool synergy with Wulfgar of Icewind Dale that we see in the Draconic Rage deck, enabling extra triggers when a creature attacks. But it also sees play in commander decks around Delina, Wild Mage.


Wulfgar of Icewind Dale
Aggravated Assault
Delina, Wild Mage
Aggravated Assault



Cheap Pickups

Please note: for our 'record low' we consider the price of the card over the past 7 years. Many cards have been even cheaper (a) decade(s) ago. Also note: some cards are still going down, and might be even cheaper pickups next week.


Sanctum Prelate $10.00 - Trending down slowly
Sanctum Prelate


Subtlety $9.99 - Trending down slowly


Cabal Coffers $25.00 - Stable
Cabal Coffers


Cabal Coffers
Sanctum Prelate

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