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Banned & Restricted Announcement December 4th 2023

As of December 4, 2023, we're seeing some significant changes across multiple formats. Let's dive into the details and understand the rationale behind these decisions.

Banned & Restricted Announcement May 29th 2023

Standard Shakeup: Three Dominant Cards Banned! Find out which powerhouse cards have been axed from the format and how this changes the game.

Fable of the Mirror-BreakerInvoke DespairReckoner Bankbuster

Banned & Restricted Announcement - March 6, 2023: Legacy

Wizards just released a Banned and Restricted announcement today, affecting Legacy.

Expressive IterationWhite Plume Adventurer

Banned and Restricted Update, March 7th 2022

Wizards released a Banned and Restricted announcement with changes in Pioneer, Modern, and Pauper

Lurrus of the Dream-Den Galvanic Relay Expedition Map

Banned and Restricted Update, October 13th 2021

Wizards released a Banned and Restricted announcement that related to Historic.

Tibalt\'s Trickery Memory Lapse Brainstorm

Banned and Restricted Update, June 9th 2021

While many people expected Brainstorm to be banned in Historic, because it was included in most decklists in the Strixhaven Championship tournament, things turned out a little bit different...

Time Warp Time Warp Time Warp

Banned and Restricted Update, May 19th 2021

This B&R announcement wasn't a real surprise. The Thassa's Oracle / Tainted Pact combo is really powerful and over-represented within the Historic meta. People were already shouting for Wizards to do something about this. Especially since on Arena it is such a nuisance to play against the combo. To resolve the combo as quickly as possible, it was actually faster than to just rope your opponent and wait for Arena to "handle" the rest of the turn.

Banned and Restricted Update, February 15th 2021

As already spoiled in the Secret Lair's Smitten Superdrop announcement it is now official: the B&R announcement of February 15th 2021. The date was not officially known yet, but people quickly figured out when to expect it when they found the still hidden announcement from WotC. But not sure everyone expected this much of a format shake-up!

Uro, Titan of Nature\'s Wrath Dreadhorde Arcanist Lurrus of the Dream-Den

Banned and Restricted Update, October 12th 2020

After the banning of Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath most people predicted that Wizards has banned one of the cards that indeed appear in the Omnath decks, but would not stop Omnath from being dominant. Wizards said that whey would keep an eye on the metagame, and they announced this B&R Announcement. In the Grand Finals 2020 of last weekend we have seen Omnath being almost 72% of the metagame, making the card more dominant than Oko was. However, there are a few cards receiving bans that not everyone saw coming.

Omnath, Locus of Creation Lucky Clover Escape to the Wilds

Banned and Restricted Update, September 28th 2020

The B&R Announcement is here and as expected: Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is banned in Standard.

Uro, Titan of Nature\'s Wrath

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