Rewind$4.94 (-79.19%)
Rowan, Scion of War$3.99 (+66.25%)
Food Chain$30.75 (-37.17%)
Sheoldred's Edict$4.69 (-34.86%)
Angel's Grace$2.00 (-33.33%)
The Girl in the Fireplace$10.00 (-33.33%)
The First Sliver$39.99 (-32.79%)
Jeska, Thrice Reborn$13.97 (-30.15%)
Rampant Growth$16.63 (-29.95%)
The One Ring (Borderless)$49.00 (-26.54%)
Mass Hysteria$14.97 (-25.15%)
Questing Druid$3.74 (+24.67%)
Solphim, Mayhem Dominus$8.00 (-23.52%)
Preordain$2.59 (+22.17%)
Alluring Scent$2.72 (-22.06%)
Serum Visions$2.76 (-21.81%)
Rakdos Signet$2.02 (+20.96%)
The Locust God$4.19 (+20.06%)
Inquisition of Kozilek$9.59 (+19.88%)
Mountain (1363)$6.43 (-17.35%)
Mountain (1365)$6.43 (-17.35%)
Mountain (1367)$6.43 (-17.35%)
Treebeard, Gracious Host$5.31 (-17.03%)
Kellan, the Fae-Blooded$3.50 (+16.67%)
Slip Through Space$6.25 (-16.67%)
Gaea's Blessing$5.01 (-16.50%)
Seething Song$2.56 (+16.36%)
Forest - Innistrad Cycle$3.49 (+16.33%)
Hallowed Haunting$19.49 (+15.60%)
Fleshbag Marauder$8.47 (-15.30%)
Mirror March$2.05 (-15.29%)
Ondu Spiritdancer$14.04 (+15.27%)
Swamp (1384)$12.41 (-15.12%)
Forest (1386)$12.41 (-15.12%)
Mountain (1385)$12.49 (-14.57%)
Island (1383)$12.49 (-14.57%)
Blood Artist$2.29 (+14.50%)
Abu Ja'far$43.54 (+13.95%)
Flamekin Harbinger$7.80 (-13.24%)
Grim Hireling$3.60 (+13.21%)
Selfless Savior$2.92 (-12.57%)
Plains (1382)$12.94 (-11.49%)
Spirit Mantle$2.53 (+11.45%)

Weekly Winners 2023 - 19

12 May
by Arjen

This week's winners are all moving because of Commander. March of the Machine is having its effect on the format!

Like every week, just in time for FNM, I'll tell you about the Magic: the Gathering cards that will be the talk of the town tonight! Come discuss this week's price movements with us on Discord.


We're really excited to welcome Jason Alt as writer on the MTG Stocks team! His first article, Reinventions, went up on Tuesday. Jason is far from an unknown name in the Magic finance community, and his articles have always been worth reading.

Ryan wrote an article in his A Penny Saved series on cards that he feels are worth picking up.

New Horizons, written by Matt, talks about which cards from the new set March of the Machine: The Aftermath are worth keeping an eye on.

Finally we have Steve, who wrote about cards from the Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40,000 set and how they perform within Commander. In his series, History, Restapled, you can read up on how newer cards measure up in the Commander format and whether they could become staples.

If you want to receive an e-mail in your inbox when a new article is published you can enable it in your e-mail preferences and/or join the Discord.

Onto the Weekly Winners!

#1 Breach the Multiverse $4.10 (+314%)

Breach the Multiverse


This sorcery from March of the Machine has an interesting price trajectory. It was first showing up in the prerelease data around $16, but quickly fell down hard to only $0.50, to now bounce up again to $4. Sure, $16 may have been way too high, but for this card to drop so quickly and then become popular again is interesting. For seven mana you get to mill everyone for 10 cards, and then get to put a creature or planeswalker from every player's graveyard into play.

The card has gotten some camera time during the Pro Tour: March of the Machine, where Autumn Burchett played an Orzhov Midrange deck with two copies, ending up with the 3rd position in the PT.

Orzhov Midrange by Autumn Burchett
Creature (9)
1 Spirited Companion $0.25
2 Loran of the Third Path $6.22
3 Serra Paragon $4.90
3 Ambitious Farmhand $0.35
Instant (1)
1 Destroy Evil $0.53
Sorcery (7)
1 Sunfall $1.89
2 Breach the Multiverse $2.79
4 Lay Down Arms $0.30
Enchantment (9)
2 The Restoration of Eiganjo $0.97
3 Ossification $1.07
4 Wedding Announcement $9.99
Artifact (4)
4 Reckoner Bankbuster $1.67
Planeswalker (6)
3 The Eternal Wanderer $1.60
3 The Wandering Emperor $14.55
Land (24)
1 Caves of Koilos $0.55
1 Field of Ruin $0.24
2 Swamp $0.10
2 Roadside Reliquary $0.30
4 Obscura Storefront $0.39
4 Raffine's Tower $8.76
10 Plains $0.10
Sideboard (15)
1 Loran of the Third Path $6.22
2 Archangel of Wrath $0.34
1 Sheoldred's Edict $3.25
1 Destroy Evil $0.53
1 Go for the Throat $0.52
1 Surge of Salvation $1.07
2 Cut Down $0.55
1 Sunfall $1.89
4 Duress $0.15
1 Invasion of Gobakhan $4.20

Breach the Multiverse has also recently received a lot of attention from content creators. SaffronOlive played a Standard deck in an Against the Odds video. But probably most important is it showing up in a video from The Command Zone where they discuss the Best cards in your 99 for Commander.

When we look at Commander playability, we see that Breach the Multiverse is showing up in Commander decks around Sheoldred, Kroxa and Kunoros, and Hidetsugu and Kairi. It's hard to say what made the card move up this quickly again, but I personally feel the casual appeal for these Commanders, along with the content creator videos, may be the most important ones.

Kroxa and Kunoros
Hidetsugu and Kairi

The card also goes infinite with Dualcaster Mage and a sac outlet like Ashnod's Altar. With these three cards you can infinitely keep casting Breach the Multiverse

Breach the Multiverse
Breach the Multiverse (Extended Art)
Hidetsugu and Kairi
Kroxa and Kunoros
Breach the Multiverse


#2 Minn, Wily Illusionist $5.24 (+162%)

Minn, Wily Illusionist


This rare from Commander: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms can be found in the Dungeons of Death Commander deck and is a fairly popular commander. It's currently the 151st most popular commander according to EDHREC.

Minn can get you Illusion tokens whenever you draw your second card within a turn. Yes, that's every turn, not just your own. Since these Illusion tokens all get +1/+0 for each Illusion you control, that can add up quickly, making Minn's second ability to cheat a creature into play quite fun.

But she's also finding her way into the 99 of decks with different commanders. With the release of March of the Machine we have some new legends that work well with Minn's abilities. A new interesting commander is Zimone and Dina, which also cares about drawing second cards in turns, and also is a sacrifice outlet to the Illusion tokens. Another new commander is Rona, Herald of Invasion. As long as you play legendary spells, you get to untap Rona and loot. Powerful and cheap legendary spells are a welcome addition to this deck.

Zimone and Dina
Rona, Herald of Invasion
Meloku the Clouded Mirror

But there is also Meloku the Clouded Mirror, an older commander originally printed in Champions of Kamigawa that also wants to make Illusion tokens. It's not really hard to see the interaction here.

Minn, Wily Illusionist
Rona, Herald of Invasion
Zimone and Dina
Meloku the Clouded Mirror


#3 Brazen Cannonade $8.98 (+80%)

Brazen Cannonade


It seems like this enchantment may have flown a little bit under the radar. Its first ability can amount to a lot of damage in the right deck. It seems like it's being experimented with in Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival, but also sees play in decks around Ardoz, Cobbler of War and Garna, Bloodfist of Keld.

Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival
Ardoz, Cobbler of War
Garna, Bloodfist of Keld

But it doesn't seem like this card had a new interaction recently that made the price go up. The main reason that we could find was that it's mentioned by the Nitpicking Nerds in their video discussing Commander cards most worth buying. This definitely is not the first time a video by them made a card go up. But it remains to be seen how well it will hold this price point.

Garna, Bloodfist of Keld
Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival
Brazen Cannonade
Ardoz, Cobbler of War



Cheap Pickups

Please note: for our 'record low' we consider the price of the card over the past 7 years. Many cards have been even cheaper (a) decade(s) ago. Also note: some cards are still going down, and might be even cheaper pickups next week.


Cascade Bluffs $4.72 - Moving up!
Cascade Bluffs


Cascade Bluffs has been identified by the MTGStocks Premium Penny Stocks feature as a card that has reached its bottom and is starting a consistent uptrend.


Grave Titan $7,32 - Slowly moving down
Grave Titan


Dark Depths $7.09 - Stable
Dark Depths
Cascade Bluffs
Grave Titan
Dark Depths


That's it for this week. Make sure to check back next week for more Weekly Winners!


Arjen has been playing Magic since Ice Age and has mostly played the Legacy format. Ten years ago he founded MTGStocks because he and his friends wanted to buy Magic singles at the right time to play with.

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