A Penny Saved, a Renegade Earned

08 May
by Ryan Cole

Hello everybody! Penny Pincher Ryan here again to show off some of these Penny Stock cards I dug up from our Members Only area for those of you who aren’t members yet. Once you see what we have back here I think you’ll have a hard time not becoming a member just to see what I left behind!

This week I chose three reprints to show off and sort of tie in with the March of the Machine: Multiverse Legends ones in this newest set. So without further delay, and before they catch me in the back with these, here are my picks for the top three!


Dragon Tempest

Dragon Tempest


Dragon Tempest is a great card for any Dragon deck. Giving your flyers haste and causing your Dragons to become ever-growing burn spells essentially makes that very clear and very true. And the fact that this reprint is the cheapest version at only a penny under five dollars really makes it an excellent choice to slide into these decks! We all know Dragons aren’t going anywhere, even if they aren’t in the limelight right now, so don’t miss out on the utility of this card if you for some reason have a cap of five dollars, because Game Night has you covered!


Noxious Revival

Noxious Revival


An essentially free Raise Dead or spot removal for things like Wonder in an enemy graveyard? Yes please. Originally printed in New Phyrexia, this Phyrexian green mana one-drop had people drooling back then, and still does today. And now those looking to utilize this card’s effects have a total of three set choices to get it from: NPH, The List, and now Commander: Phyrexia: All Will Be One. And while the first two sets sit equally at five dollars, this newest print comes in at just under three dollars. If you’re looking for this one and don’t care about matching sets or sticking to the original printing, you can’t go wrong with this penny pick-up.


Ezuri, Renegade Leader

Ezuri, Renegade Leader


Our final showcase today is The List version of Ezuri, because while everyone hates to be paired against an Elves player, there is nothing more satisfying than overrunning your opponent with these tenacious little guys. With each of its other printings sitting at almost six dollars, this version’s price of roughly four dollars and seventy five cents is a no-brainer for anyone looking to not only keep their elves on the board, but also to pump them to extreme heights with his second ability for a swing through tour de force for the win. He may not be one of the more coveted Elves, like the lords or the super dorks, but he sits wonderfully in any Elves build I’ve seen recently, whether as a card already slated for the build or as a cheap replacement with good effect for a card you just don’t have the cash to pick up.


Dragon Tempest
Noxious Revival
Ezuri, Renegade Leader



I’m hoping these cards are ones you all love to see, play, and read about in our articles here at MTGStocks, but more so I hope that these little forays into thievery have shown you each the fulfillment of knowledge base our Premium Member areas can hold for you. We love new company, have ways for you to reach out to us writers from behind these gates, and most assuredly do I most particularly enjoy that we can finally afford to keep the lights on back here in the storage rooms with all the Penny Stocks! Of course that does mean it’s harder to sneak around. So if you join in, welcome, and just ignore the Penny Pincher while he slinks by with his box of cards. “His”, I swear! Until next time!

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Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole lives in Canton, Ohio with his new wife Julia. He began playing magic in 1995 with cards he bought with money he found odd jobs for, just to play the game. At 35 he is happy at home and living as full a life as is possible. He is starting a career in freelance writing and works as a cook while he pursues that dream.

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