Terror$2.00 (+100.00%)
The One Ring (Borderless)$64.99 (+45.55%)
Talisman of Hierarchy$2.42 (+39.88%)
Ondu Spiritdancer$19.24 (+28.27%)
Lazotep Plating$2.98 (-24.94%)
Ghoulish Impetus$7.88 (+23.32%)
Vault of the Archangel$3.00 (-22.48%)
Khabál Ghoul$203.05 (+20.16%)
Waste Not$9.81 (-17.49%)
Spellstutter Sprite$6.12 (+17.24%)
Wheel of Misfortune$10.61 (-15.79%)
Nemesis of Reason$4.76 (-15.75%)
Phyrexian Arena$4.04 (+15.43%)
Food Chain$19.99 (-14.86%)
Decadent Dragon$5.73 (+14.83%)
Mountain (1366)$5.50 (-14.60%)
Mountain (1358)$6.34 (-13.98%)
Radiate$6.16 (+13.86%)
Preordain$2.98 (+13.74%)
Skred$2.93 (+13.57%)
Maskwood Nexus$4.39 (+12.56%)
Mountain (1359)$7.33 (-12.22%)
Knight Exemplar$8.28 (+11.14%)
Samwise Gamgee$2.22 (+11.00%)
Peer into the Abyss$2.98 (+10.78%)
Treebeard, Gracious Host$5.04 (-10.64%)
The Locust God$3.74 (-10.53%)
Relentless Assault$2.77 (+10.36%)
Glissa Sunslayer$2.47 (+10.27%)
Grim Hireling$4.14 (+9.81%)
Virtue of Loyalty$11.42 (+9.81%)
Arcbound Crusher$3.99 (-9.52%)
Mountain Goat$5.82 (-9.49%)
Spiteful Visions$2.42 (-9.36%)
Relentless Rats (0011)$20.43 (-9.36%)
Underworld Dreams$9.28 (-9.29%)
The First Sliver$36.28 (-9.28%)
Manabarbs$2.48 (+9.25%)
Nephalia Drownyard$2.27 (-9.20%)
Hellcarver Demon$5.96 (+9.16%)

Where Are They Now? - March 2023

27 Mar
by Ryan Cole

Hello again everybody, and thanks for coming to MTGStocks for all your questions about Magic finance. Every week on Weekly Winners our faithful leader Arjen brings to your attention the top three cards showing financial growth in the course of that week, highlighting the “why” of each card’s rise in price. A year later I come along and let you know which cards really didn’t stand the test of time. Here are my picks for the yearly losers!


Manabond $26.44-$9.60



Don’t get me wrong, Manabond is a fantastic card for playing in Landfall decks, but the problem is it’s pretty much ONLY good in Landfall decks. Yes it has some wiggle room into simple ramp decks, but let's face it, though it does it well, the card only does one thing, and that’s help you get land on the field. The decline in the number of Landfall decks being played in the last year, and Wizards seemingly wandering away from the archetype in that same time frame, are what has led this card to be well in the red of last year's price. It still sits pretty at just about ten dollars though, so if you want to pick it up before another set gives us creatures that pump as land enters, I’d say that now is the time!


Ranger-Captain of Eos $36-$30.27

Ranger-Captain of Eos


Apparently our Arjen was doing well in his picks for this week one year ago, because our biggest loser from this one still sits at $30 dollars! Some of the cards he picked held lesser dollar values when he wrote the article, but the biggest percentage of loss comes from this 3/3 tutor/blockade/creature. With amazing abilities and a cheap mana cost this one definitely held well, while still losing the most. The decrease in its price is due in part to the rapidly cheapening mana cost of creatures for the same archetype that do enough of the same thing that this one's hold on the sky-high prices has slackened, but never let go all together. Pick this up today if you want to add a card that has definite staying power to your collection.


Wandering Mage $19.69-$2.17

Wandering Mage


Arjen really said it best last year with this short entry on our list; this card was the target of a buyout, while at the same time holding some relevance to an upcoming set, Streets Of New Capenna. Those two factors helped to skyrocket its price, but only for a short time. With no staying power this card was doomed from the start to fall from grace with a belly flop. It still sits well enough in price to be a cheap pickup, but don’t expect its price to balloon all over again.


Hidetsugu Consumes All $12.21-$2.65

Hidetsugu Consumes All


Last year this card was definitely the talk of every black/red player's town, but time has pushed it a little further back. Its ability to clear small boards, then graveyards, then return as a creature, was something to behold, but ultimately having to realistically wait at least five turns to get out a 3/3 creature is what led to this card's relegation to sideboard-only status. It doesn’t get more simple than that, play it for the front but only ever rely on luck with the back. If your opponent can’t get rid of a telegraphed 3/3 by turn five or six, they deserve the loss! While still a great cheap pickup, I have to say rest in peace Hidetsugu Consumes All, we barely knew ye.

Hidetsugu Consumes All
Ranger-Captain of Eos
Wandering Mage

That’s this month look at last year's biggest losers from the monetary heights. If you want to grab up any of these cards for your own collection, feel free to use the links we have provided. And remember that if you seek greater detail or a wider knowledge of card selection in our site, just sign up for Premium. The perks are great and you’ll have a much larger range of motion to pivot in an ever-changing card market. I hope you all enjoy this, and I’ll see you again next month!

Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole lives in Canton, Ohio with his new wife Julia. He began playing magic in 1995 with cards he bought with money he found odd jobs for, just to play the game. At 35 he is happy at home and living as full a life as is possible. He is starting a career in freelance writing and works as a cook while he pursues that dream.

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