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How the Lost Caverns of Ixalan Delays Have Affected the Market

What can we learn from the delays in the Lost Caverns Collector Booster boxes? Harvey has some thoughts.

The Big Things - Pay to Play (Boosters)

What effects will the upcoming booster pack changes have on Magic prices? Harvey's got some ideas.

The Big Things - Special Guests

Miss the announcements from Las Vegas? Wondering what the heck a "Special Guest" is? Harvey's got you covered with this latest installment of The Big Things.

The Big Things - The Secret Lair Effect

In this edition of The Big Things, Harvey unravels some of the mystery around Secret Lair prices.

The Big Things - Everything is Priced In

Let's talk about what reprints, and even speculative reprints, can do to a card's price.

Fierce GuardianshipDeflecting SwatSliver Hive

The Big Things - Arabian Nights Speculation

I bet you're all wondering what's going on with Arabian Nights these days. No? Well maybe you should be! The Big Things is here to tell you why.

ShahrazadJuzám DjinnOld Man of the Sea

The Big Things - Aftermath's Correction

Is Aftermath a failed experiment, or a sleeper hit? When should you buy/sell its singles? Harvey's got your answers right here!

Nissa, Resurgent AnimistOb Nixilis, Captive KingpinKarn, Legacy Reforged

The Big Things: Foil Etched Divisions

Harvey's back to talk about foils. This time it's all things etched!

Sakashima of a Thousand Faces (Foil Etched)Demonic Tutor (Foil Etched)Scalding Tarn (Retro Frame) (Foil Etched)

The Big Things: World Championship Decks

On this edition of The Big Things, Harvey continues his analysis of gold-bordered cards. This time he's digging into the World Championship Decks.

Gaea\'s CradleYawgmoth\'s WillSurvival of the Fittest

The Big Things: Collector's Edition

This month on The Big Things, Harvey dissects the valuations and history of gold bordered cards.

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