Rewind$4.94 (-79.19%)
Rowan, Scion of War$3.99 (+66.25%)
Food Chain$30.75 (-37.17%)
Sheoldred's Edict$4.69 (-34.86%)
Angel's Grace$2.00 (-33.33%)
The Girl in the Fireplace$10.00 (-33.33%)
The First Sliver$39.99 (-32.79%)
Jeska, Thrice Reborn$13.97 (-30.15%)
Rampant Growth$16.63 (-29.95%)
The One Ring (Borderless)$49.00 (-26.54%)
Mass Hysteria$14.97 (-25.15%)
Questing Druid$3.74 (+24.67%)
Solphim, Mayhem Dominus$8.00 (-23.52%)
Preordain$2.59 (+22.17%)
Alluring Scent$2.72 (-22.06%)
Serum Visions$2.76 (-21.81%)
Rakdos Signet$2.02 (+20.96%)
The Locust God$4.19 (+20.06%)
Inquisition of Kozilek$9.59 (+19.88%)
Mountain (1363)$6.43 (-17.35%)
Mountain (1365)$6.43 (-17.35%)
Mountain (1367)$6.43 (-17.35%)
Treebeard, Gracious Host$5.31 (-17.03%)
Kellan, the Fae-Blooded$3.50 (+16.67%)
Slip Through Space$6.25 (-16.67%)
Gaea's Blessing$5.01 (-16.50%)
Seething Song$2.56 (+16.36%)
Forest - Innistrad Cycle$3.49 (+16.33%)
Hallowed Haunting$19.49 (+15.60%)
Fleshbag Marauder$8.47 (-15.30%)
Mirror March$2.05 (-15.29%)
Ondu Spiritdancer$14.04 (+15.27%)
Swamp (1384)$12.41 (-15.12%)
Forest (1386)$12.41 (-15.12%)
Mountain (1385)$12.49 (-14.57%)
Island (1383)$12.49 (-14.57%)
Blood Artist$2.29 (+14.50%)
Abu Ja'far$43.54 (+13.95%)
Flamekin Harbinger$7.80 (-13.24%)
Grim Hireling$3.60 (+13.21%)
Selfless Savior$2.92 (-12.57%)
Plains (1382)$12.94 (-11.49%)
Spirit Mantle$2.53 (+11.45%)

Weekly Winners 2022 - 52

30 Dec
by Arjen

The end of the year is near, and thus this is the last Weekly Winners of 2022. But no worries, we'll we back next year! This week was a little bit slow because of the holiday, but we still have some cards on the rise that are worth looking at.

Like every week, just in time for FNM, I'll tell you about the cards that will be the talk of the town tonight! Come discuss this week's price movements with us on Discord and Reddit.

The biggest gainers of the past week (like Ravenous Baboons, Chaos Defiler, and Cyberdrive Awakener) were already discussed in previous weeks' Winners, and I didn't feel it was worth it to discuss them again for the same reasons. So instead we're focusing on some new cards on the rise.

Tomorrow we'll post the annual "Top 100" lists of 2022. So keep your eyes open for that since it's always fun to see what cards performed the best (or worst) in the year.

New Premium Tier

A little over a year ago we introduced MTGStocks Premium for you to get some extra tools to either manage your inventory or to get those extra analytics. Since then we've received feedback that some of you who use MTGStocks daily might not need the extra tools, but would still like to support us. So this week we introduced a new tier where you can do just that. In this tier you can use MTGStocks ad-free and get access to the Premium Discord channels. You can find this new tier at the MTGStocks Premium page.


Last week Harvey wrote a new Over and Under article where he discusses cards that he feels are either over or underpriced. Go give it a read. I also heard through the grapevine that Harvey will also start writing for the Commander's Herald next month.

If you want to receive an e-mail in your inbox when a new article is published you can enable it in your e-mail preferences and/or join the Discord.

Onto the Weekly Winners!

#1 Creeping Bloodsucker $3.14 (+89%)

Creeping Bloodsucker


Here we have a common from Jumpstart 2022. In the beginning of December you could buy this card for less than a dollar, but it's now gone above $3, and when we look at the chart it looks like it is still growing. This 1/2 Vampire drains your opponents during each of your upkeeps.

The more opponents you have, the more life you gain. So it's probably no surprise that this card is popular in casual Commander decks, especially ones that revolve around draining your opponents, lifegain strategies, and/or Vampires. Funnily enough, the Bloodsucker is most frequently being found in the 99 of a commander from the same set, Rodolf Duskbringer. But since the card is still quite new, I expect it will soon find a home in other similar deck strategies as well, like Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose.

Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose
Rodolf Duskbringer
Creeping Bloodsucker


#2 Field Marshal $9.73 (+68%)

Field Marshal


This rare from 10th Edition has been going up rapidly. The card is a must-include in any casual Soldier deck, since it gives all other Soldiers +1/+1. Anthem effects for creature types are always popular in Commander if there is sufficient love for that particular type. The card already found a home in decks around, for example, Odric, Master Tactician. But with the recent The Brothers' War set, some new Soldier commanders have been printed in which this card easily earns a slot. Commanders like Myrel, Shield of Argive and Harbin, Vanguard Aviator have been popping up, and Field Marshal fits right in there!

And while the 10th Edition print of this card is going up, this is not its first print. It was originally printed in Coldsnap and we see that version of the card going up 15% in the past week. Interesting to note that for the Coldsnap version both the average and market prices are around $12, while for the 10th Edition version the market price still stays around $5. So the average price is catching up with the other prints, but when people have to drop $10 for it, they'd maybe prefer get the Coldsnap version instead.

Field Marshal
Secret Lair Series
10th Edition


#3 Their Name Is Death $4.64 (+60%)

Their Name Is Death


And yet another card from Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40,000. We've been talking about cards from this set quite often, and with the set's power level it's easy to see why. With Warhammer and The Brothers' War, there's been a lot of love around artifacts, with artifact-heavy Commander decks exploding in popularity. So it's easy to see why this one is rising.

Now what is more fun and loses you more friends than a board-wipe? An asymmetrical board-wipe! For you get to clear out your opponents' boards and keep yours. At least... if your friends aren't playing artifacts. Unfortunately for you, as I mentioned earlier, artifacts are all the rage currently. Still you should be able to take out quite a few enemy creatures.

Their Name Is Death was printed in the Necron Dynasties deck which had Szarekh, the Silent King as the face commander. But we're also seeing it in decks with other commanders from that same precon, like Imotekh the Stormlord, Anrakyr the Traveller, and Illuminor Szeras. It also works well with the recent Megatron, Tyrant.

Megatron, Tyrant
Their Name Is Death
Imotekh the Stormlord


Cheap Pickups

Please note: for our 'record low' we consider the price of the card over the past 7 years. Many cards have been even cheaper (a) decade(s) ago. Also note: some cards are still going down, and might be even cheaper pickups next week.


Living Death $4.49 - Moving up!
Living Death


Living Death has been identified by the MTGStocks Premium Penny Stocks feature as a card that has reached its bottom and is starting a consistent uptrend.


Timeless Lotus $15.00 - Slowly moving down
Timeless Lotus


Cryptic Command $7.99 - Moving down quickly
Cryptic Command


Timeless Lotus
Living Death
Cryptic Command


That's it for this week. Make sure to check back next week for more Weekly Winners!


Arjen has been playing Magic since Ice Age and has mostly played the Legacy format. Ten years ago he founded MTGStocks because he and his friends wanted to buy Magic singles at the right time to play with.

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