Revised Edition (Foreign White Border)

Air Elemental Uncommon N/A
Aladdin's Lamp Rare N/A
Aladdin's Ring Rare $3.00
Animate Artifact Uncommon N/A
Animate Dead Uncommon $6.00
Animate Wall Rare N/A
Ankh of Mishra Rare N/A
Armageddon Rare N/A
Armageddon Clock Rare N/A
Aspect of Wolf Rare N/A
Atog Common $1.50
Bad Moon Rare N/A
Badlands Rare $210.55
Balance Rare N/A
Basalt Monolith Uncommon $7.50
Bayou Rare $325.00
Benalish Hero Common N/A
Birds of Paradise Rare N/A
Black Knight Uncommon N/A
Black Vise Uncommon N/A
Black Ward Uncommon N/A
Blessing Rare N/A
Blue Elemental Blast Common N/A
Blue Ward Uncommon N/A
Bog Wraith Uncommon N/A
Bottle of Suleiman Rare N/A
Braingeyser Rare $14.41
Brass Man Uncommon N/A
Burrowing Uncommon N/A
Castle Uncommon N/A
Celestial Prism Uncommon N/A
Channel Uncommon N/A
Chaoslace Rare $0.49
Circle of Protection: Black Common N/A
Circle of Protection: Blue Common N/A
Circle of Protection: Green Common N/A
Circle of Protection: Red Common N/A
Circle of Protection: White Common N/A
Clockwork Beast Rare N/A
Clone Uncommon N/A
Cockatrice Rare $0.49
Conservator Uncommon N/A
Contract from Below Rare N/A
Control Magic Uncommon N/A
Conversion Uncommon N/A
Copy Artifact Rare $59.99
Counterspell Uncommon N/A
Craw Wurm Common N/A
Creature Bond Common N/A
Crumble Uncommon N/A