Fourth Edition (Foreign Black Border)

Abomination Uncommon
Air Elemental Uncommon
Alabaster Potion Common
Aladdin's Lamp Rare
Aladdin's Ring Rare
Ali Baba Uncommon
Amrou Kithkin Common
Amulet of Kroog Common
Angry Mob Uncommon
Animate Artifact Uncommon
Animate Dead Uncommon
Animate Wall Rare
Ankh of Mishra Rare
Apprentice Wizard Common
Armageddon Rare
Armageddon Clock Rare
Ashes to Ashes Uncommon
Ashnod's Battle Gear Uncommon
Aspect of Wolf Rare
Backfire Uncommon
Bad Moon Rare
Balance Rare
Ball Lightning Rare
Battering Ram Common
Benalish Hero Common
Bird Maiden Common
Birds of Paradise Rare
Black Knight Uncommon
Black Mana Battery Rare
Black Vise Uncommon
Black Ward Uncommon
Blessing Rare
Blight Uncommon
Blood Lust Common
Blue Elemental Blast Common
Blue Mana Battery Rare
Blue Ward Uncommon
Bog Imp Common
Bog Wraith Uncommon
Bottle of Suleiman Rare
Brainwash Common
Brass Man Uncommon
Bronze Tablet Rare
Brothers of Fire Common
Burrowing Uncommon
Carnivorous Plant Common
Carrion Ants Uncommon
Castle Uncommon
Cave People Uncommon
Celestial Prism Uncommon