Category - Over and Under

A series where we'll be picking – you guessed it – an overvalued and an undervalued card each month to evaluate.

Over and Under - Terror of the Peaks and Everybody Lives!

Harvey's back with some new picks for cards that are over and undervalued.

Over and Under - Crackling Season

Over and Under is back with more picks for card prices to keep an eye on, including a mass burn spell and a perennial Commander favorite.

Over and Under - The Ring and the Titan

Time for another Over and Under! In this edition we're looking at a card that wants to be found, and a Titan that you just can't keep down.

Over and Under - July 2023

Over and Under is back, looking at some red token-makers and gearing up for Commander Masters.

Nesting DragonDockside ExtortionistOrcish Bowmasters

Over and Underhill - Tales of Middle-earth

Harvey's Over and Under series takes a look at some cards to set your sights on, thanks to some gems from The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth

Cavern of SoulsWheel of FortuneOrcish Bowmasters

Over and Under - May 2023

It's time for another Over and Under! This month Harvey's looking at some multi-format staples.

Polluted DeltaRagavan, Nimble Pilferer

Over and Under - April 2023

Harvey's back with some hot picks for over- and under-valuated cards in this latest edition of Over and Under.

LeechesMystic Remora

Over and Under - March 2023

On this month's Over and Under, Harvey takes a look at some cEDH and Modern staples.

Jeweled LotusScalding TarnArid Mesa

Over and Under - February 2023

For February's Over and Under, Harvey looks at a Commander staple and a card soon to get the Secret Lair treatment.

CounterbalanceCraterhoof Behemoth

Over and Under: January 2023

This month on Over and Under we’re talking about short-term market trends in comparison to the overall value of a card, as well as price corrections in the trading card world.

Mindbreak TrapGaea\'s Cradle

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