Hidden Gems for Stella Lee, Wild Card

14 May
by Adam Berg

Wild Cards for Stella Lee

It’s not every day cEDH starts drooling over a new commander. Stella Lee, Wild Card is stellarly walking onto the scene and ready to win some games. Once you hit your third spell, Cerulean Wisps, Refocus, and Twitch can let you draw your whole deck and create more Magecraft triggers than a girl can dream of. 

While Hidden Gems isn’t the place to focus on competitive Commander, today we’ll be exploring some card options that aren’t trying to win on turn one.

#1. Spelltwine

As long as you and an opponent have instant or sorcery cards in your graveyards, this one spell can get to spell #3 all by itself. Now how many spells can put that on their resumé? You won’t be able to copy Spelltwine with Stella’s ability, but once the other two spells are on the stack, you can copy one of them.  


#2. Curse of the Swine

If we’re not too focused on comboing out, we’re gonna need cards to keep us alive. There are plenty of cards that bounce all creatures, like Evacuation, and plenty of red mass removal–but limited damage won’t kill every threat. Curse of the Swine may not erase problems completely, but 2/2 pigs are a lot less lethal than, say, Atraxa. Although, a quick Google search says that more people in the US and Canada die by pig than by shark. So, if you’re ever in a situation where you have to pick between being near a pig or a shark, you know what to do.

Curse of the Swine
Curse of the Swine
Curse of the Swine

#3. Displacer Kitten

Even if swine and sharks combined their powers, their might would pale in comparison to the great Displacer Kitten. And that’s a fact. This little beast loves mana rocks. Every time you cast a noncreature spell, use her to flicker a mana rock and suddenly your cheap spells are as good as free (or at least offered at a reasonable discount). Since we’re trying to cast at least three spells in a turn, this kitty can multiply the power of your mana rocks with every spell.

Displacer Kitten
Displacer Kitten (Extended Art)

#4. Aetherflux Reservoir

Blue/Red lifegain? They’ll never see it coming.

There are lots of different win-cons available to Stella. You could storm off and end with an Ignite Memories. You could mill yourself and win with a Laboratory Maniac or Thassa's Oracle. You could create a huge army with cards like Young Pyromancer and Deekah, Fractal Theorist. But if none of those options excite you, give this lovely artifact a try. In a pinch, it can even gain you life along the way to keep you alive until you’re ready to fling all the spells.

Aetherflux Reservoir
Aetherflux Reservoir (Schematic)
Aetherflux Reservoir

That’s all for this edition of Hidden Gems. Don’t forget to check out our Premium membership for more entertainment and Magic market insights! Until next time, remember–the road of a spellslinger may be rocky, but at least you’ve got STEEEELLLAAAAA!

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Adam Berg
Adam Berg

Adam started playing Magic on his 14th birthday, when Judgment just released and the game's first Gorgon was born (It's a girl!). Since then, he's delved deep into Commander, written for television and film, and learned how to drive. He's published two YA Fantasy novels, Rainbringer and The Broken Pantheon. His favorite card is Repay In Kind, which is really all you need to know.

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