BG Aggro - Modern






Oct 10, 2023

Creature (9)
1 Sheoldred, the Apocalypse $81.93
4 Archon of Cruelty $12.00
4 Orcish Bowmasters $43.99
Instant (4)
4 Fatal Push $2.00
Sorcery (11)
1 Damnation $19.09
3 Thoughtseize $12.00
3 Beseech the Mirror $20.00
4 Persist $1.00
Enchantment (8)
4 Fable of the Mirror-Breaker $16.00
4 Bitter Reunion $0.30
Artifact (4)
4 The One Ring $69.88
Land (20)
1 Mountain $0.09
3 Blackcleave Cliffs $3.23
4 Verdant Catacombs $16.55
4 Swamp $0.10
4 Blood Crypt $15.22
4 Bloodstained Mire $28.49
Sideboard (15)
1 Sheoldred, the Apocalypse $81.93
1 Magus of the Moon $12.81
2 Terminate $0.60
1 Thoughtseize $12.00
1 Hidetsugu Consumes All $2.87
2 Blood Moon $6.99
3 Leyline of the Void $2.50
2 Chalice of the Void $61.50
2 Engineered Explosives $12.11
  Low Average High
Total $1081.90 $1308.43 $16321.83

Modern League

4c ControlRSS29 N/A
4c Omnathalbert62 N/A
4c OmnathPhlomp N/A
Abzansimulacrum80 N/A
Ad Nauseam ComboSelami N/A
AffinityKyoma N/A
Affinitychrishazabs N/A
AffinityValamorThings N/A
Amulet ComboVavaz N/A
Amulet ComboAcathasia N/A
Azorius ControlTitanosolare N/A
BG AggroUnbanUroPlease N/A
BG AggroArclightMik N/A
Blue MoonSandcry N/A
BoglesDraco1 N/A
Boros HammerLukeTurner88 N/A
Cascade RhinosCoachinho N/A
Cascade RhinosMasterbeardsman N/A
Eldrazi Tronmasakitaro N/A
Esper ControlSinisstar619 N/A
Esper ControlMHayashi N/A
Gifts Stormelvin7 N/A
GoblinsDonoovan N/A
Green TronMidguy N/A
Grixis ControlSolidsnake408 N/A
Grixis DeathBl4ckdragon N/A
GW AggroDecember18 N/A
Hardened Scalesmaple049 N/A
Hardened Scalessurohanzu N/A
Hardened Scalesmosh_joscoe N/A
Hardened ScalesOldManOfTheC N/A
Heliod ComboCharLy N/A
HumansCarththeLion N/A
Indomitable CreativityLucy2405 N/A
InfectH2OandLean N/A
Izzet Aggrobuiqs N/A
Izzet AggroNictophobia N/A
Izzet AggroPlayer44 N/A
Living EndSlavSlays N/A
MarduBruno_Mineiro N/A
MarduTylamonster N/A
MarduSnackyTreehorn N/A
MarduLilAmericanCuck N/A
MerfolksTheAdonis N/A
Mono Blackniuwaid001 N/A
Mono BlackEgorZlyden N/A
Mono Redsupervanta N/A
RakdosCiano90 N/A
ReanimatorDeathW1sh N/A
Red Deck WinsURK275 N/A
Red Deck Winspavesito N/A
Red Deck WinsCharlieStyle N/A
Scapeshift RGJiliac N/A
Scapeshift RGSeroPhinz N/A
SmallpoxSlowKing N/A
Stonebladeilovelamp N/A
The Rockkarskaf N/A
Through the BreachJ0SE N/A
Urza's Kitchennikkuniku N/A
UW ControlEngineerWu N/A
UW Controln_h_ N/A
UW Controlphillydrew215 N/A
UW ControlKerrick_ N/A