Buried Phoenix - Modern






Sep 21, 2021

Creature (8)
4 Arclight Phoenix $2.60
4 Demilich $1.93
Sorcery (8)
4 Serum Visions $0.75
4 Prismatic Ending $0.50
Instant (27)
4 Manamorphose $2.71
4 Consider $0.99
3 Gut Shot $1.15
4 Faithful Mending $0.50
4 Lightning Bolt $0.42
4 Thought Scour $0.30
4 Faithless Salvaging $0.15
Land (17)
4 Flooded Strand $28.99
4 Scalding Tarn $18.70
3 Steam Vents $12.50
2 Spirebluff Canal $12.49
1 Sacred Foundry $16.58
1 Hallowed Fountain $8.99
2 Island $0.10
Sideboard (15)
2 Path to Exile $1.03
2 Surgical Extraction $3.04
3 Wear // Tear $0.99
3 Flusterstorm $19.95
3 Alpine Moon $2.31
2 Chalice of the Void $66.87
  Low Average High
Total $416.11 $537.49 $4356.22

Modern League

4c ControlXame3 N/A
AffinityRagingtiltmonster N/A
All SpellsKwallaild N/A
Amulet ComboLeviathan102 N/A
BantNitreglyze N/A
BelcherAshanti N/A
Blue MoonAsmut16 N/A
Boros HammerWindy514 N/A
Buried PhoenixJavipv N/A
Calibrated BlastNewhj N/A
Death and TaxesRespectthecat N/A
Death and TaxesPolarbears101 N/A
DredgeFujisan N/A
DredgeNicknorman N/A
EldraziMrjaceone N/A
Eldrazi AggroFer_magic N/A
Eldrazi ColorlessLoriwwa N/A
Eldrazi TronScalo94 N/A
ElementalsJeppeapan N/A
ElementalsTirifolix92 N/A
Gifts StormN3to N/A
GoblinsGanjadejanga N/A
GolgariRetrisma N/A
Green TronVexingdevil N/A
Grixis AggroOosunq N/A
Grixis AggroSnipers_are_bums N/A
GruulCapellomauro N/A
Hardened ScalesSodaman N/A
Heliod ComboMp101147 N/A
Heliod ComboLegozane N/A
HumansLifore N/A
HumansSparr0t N/A
HumansLjex N/A
JundKoomi N/A
Jund ShadowReynad N/A
Kiki ChordTehjeff N/A
MarduThedogfish N/A
MarduWilliamddd N/A
MerfolksSoggycheerios N/A
MillAbnormaleuphoria N/A
Miracle ControlBobthebuilder24 N/A
Mono RedAndresambiaze N/A
OrzhovTiltingcrackerz N/A
OrzhovSts9 N/A
OrzhovNazart N/A
RakdosUrinalmike N/A
RakdosMazuku94 N/A
Rakdos RagavanM4rk N/A
Rakdos RagavanSanitoeter N/A
ReanimatorBobinchese N/A
Red Deck WinsQbturtle15 N/A
Saheeli ComboHeyakita N/A
Saheeli ComboRileydk N/A
ScapeshiftHollenk N/A
SpiritsCapoeira02 N/A
Temur Living EndRvng N/A
The RockDillanr N/A
UR AggroDejoyofgaming N/A
UW ControlMagicalex234 N/A
UW ControlChaughey N/A
UW ControlWatoo N/A
UW ControlHomerjay N/A
Velomachus TurnsTingfengwan N/A
Whir ControlThenobodys N/A
Whir ControlContraego N/A
Whir ControlJidden N/A
White WeenieStatlerandwaldorf N/A
ZooHitogoroshi80 N/A
ZooAfx N/A
ZooKentsuki N/A
ZooSanitoeter N/A

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