Weekly Winners (43)

  • by Peter on 2013-10-25 - Twitter15

Today the second installment in your weekly MTG finance update! Just in time for tonight's FNM. Find out now which cards will be the talk of the town tonight.

By Peter


#1 Pack Rat (+367.2% | $3)

Pack Rat

It seems like the magic community is literally on this card like a pack of rats. Or wolves for that matter. 

For those of you who missed GP Louisville, the winner of the tournament was Brian Braun-Duin with a mono-black deck. And you'll never guess, his deck featured Pack Rat. Check out his decklist in the wizards.com article.

Brain-Duin thanked his top placement to Pack Rat. I'll give you the quote from wizards.com's winner announcement:

"One of the biggest cards to aid Braun-Duin on his path to the title was Pack Rat. Renowned for its power in Return to Ravnica Limited, Braun-Duin showed that Pack Rat is still a thing using it to overrun opponents in both the quarterfinals and finals. Underworld Connections provided the engine behind the deck, allowing Braun-Duin to maintain a constant stream of cards to feed his ever-growing army of Rats."


Interesting to note is that the card skyrocketed in percentage, but not as much in it's total price. This is due to the fact that his deck runs (only) two Pack Rats, which essentially doubles the amount of available cards. Of course this is only partly the truth, because some players will buy a whole playset at once. But still, it's a visible and typical effect. 

I expect this card to go up in price even more in the coming weeks. People will start experimenting with the amount of Pack Rat in their decks. When the first decks start appearing which run 3 or 4 of the card, people will start netdecking that. In my opinion still a good pickup even after this price jump.


#2 Underworld Connections (+115,5% | $2,71)

Underworld Connections

Essentially the same story as Pack Rat.

Underworld Connections works as an card advantage engine for the deck and counts toward devotion. 


#3 Hero's Downfall (+59,5% | $15) 

Hero's Downfall

This week is a mono-black feast. The third hottest card this week is Hero's Downfall

The reason this card keeps gaining value is because it's one of the best spot-removal cards in Standard. It's played in a huge number of competitive standard decks. Check out this list of decks, the number behind it shows the number of recent top listed decks running the card:

  1. Esper Control (67)
  2. Junk (29)
  3. BWR Midrange (22)
  4. Rakdos Midrange (17)
  5. Orzhov Midrange (10)
  6. Mono Black (8)
  7. Rogue (7)
  8. The Rock (6)

The price of this card reached a platform a few days ago. The whopping $15 can be attributed to the fact that the card is rare AND played in almost any deck that can afford a double B mana cost. Unlike cards like Doom Blade.

Some people think that the card won't be able to sustain this price. Theros is the first and biggest set of the block, meaning that its booster packs will be cracked for the coming months, creating an influx of cards. Simple market economics insists that the price will drop. But who knows? It's already baffling that the card is $15 at this time.

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