Wheel of Misfortune$14.99 (+50.05%)
Army of Allah (Light)$23.63 (-39.61%)
Spirit Mantle$4.14 (+34.85%)
Terror$2.00 (+33.33%)
Spiteful Visions$3.48 (+26.09%)
Slip Through Space$6.25 (+25.00%)
Syr Konrad, the Grim$15.53 (+23.25%)
Gishath, Sun's Avatar$39.80 (+22.54%)
Giant Tortoise (Light)$10.94 (-19.62%)
Faeburrow Elder$9.74 (-18.56%)
Ondu Spiritdancer$23.63 (+18.15%)
Thunderhawk Gunship$2.17 (-16.86%)
Zulaport Cutthroat$4.00 (+16.28%)
Bottomless Pit$5.57 (-14.96%)
Terminate$9.99 (-14.91%)
Fire Covenant$22.36 (+14.84%)
Grima Wormtongue$19.50 (-14.25%)
Arcane Lighthouse$3.40 (+13.71%)
Swamp (1384)$7.49 (-13.11%)
Jace Beleren$10.81 (-13.10%)
Misleading Signpost$4.75 (+13.10%)
Chandra Nalaar$10.75 (-13.10%)
Island (1383)$8.87 (-12.35%)
Mountain (1385)$8.87 (-12.35%)
Forest (1386)$8.87 (-12.35%)
Land Tax$68.97 (-12.33%)
Fyndhorn Elves$2.00 (-12.28%)
Asceticism$5.00 (+12.11%)
Oppression$9.85 (-11.90%)
Underworld Dreams$8.47 (+11.45%)
Rampant Growth$7.08 (-11.39%)
Giant Adephage$8.57 (-11.38%)
Descendants' Fury$6.49 (+11.32%)
Spellbook Vendor$2.50 (+11.11%)
Dragonlord Dromoka$10.21 (-10.99%)
Agatha's Soul Cauldron$45.65 (-10.75%)
Farsight Ritual$4.00 (-10.71%)
Topiary Stomper$2.40 (+10.60%)
Traverse the Outlands$2.53 (+10.48%)
Rite of Flame$3.31 (+10.33%)
Serum Visions$4.00 (-10.31%)
Elvish Promenade$2.02 (-10.22%)
Worldspine Wurm$13.51 (-9.99%)

Aristocards: Top 10 Winners & Losers of Commander (July)

07 Aug
by MTGStocks

The Baron explores the cards that gained the most value and lost the most value in the month of July pertaining to Commander. Just like last month, he tries to do so in a way that all you commoners will be able to understand.

For those who are indisposed to watch the video, the cards below will be discussed in depth! But you have to watch the video to know about the Baron's Hot Stock Tip!

The Baron's Winners

Divergent Transformations - from $0.80 to $5
Divergent Transformations


Storage Matrix - from $1 to $7
Storage Matrix


Lifeblood Hydra - from $0.50 to $10
Lifeblood Hydra


Painter's Servant - from $11 to $42
Painter's Servant


Mana Maze - from $1 to $7
Mana Maze


Painter's Servant CardKingdom $39.99 TCGPlayer $40.00
Mana Maze CardKingdom $4.49 TCGPlayer $6.25
Storage Matrix CardKingdom $6.99 TCGPlayer $7.80
Lifeblood Hydra CardKingdom $6.49 TCGPlayer $9.68
Divergent Transformations CardKingdom $3.99 TCGPlayer $5.16


The Baron's Losers

Kethis, the Hidden Hand - from $8 to $2
Kethis, the Hidden Hand


Kykar, Wind's Fury - from $7 to $4
Kykar, Wind's Fury


Lotus Field - from $15 to $6
Lotus Field


The First Sliver - from $25 to $15
The First Sliver


Paradox Engine - from $40 to $12
Paradox Engine


Paradox Engine CardKingdom $17.99 TCGPlayer $11.00
The First Sliver CardKingdom $14.99 TCGPlayer $13.76
Kykar, Wind's Fury CardKingdom $3.99 TCGPlayer $3.20
Lotus Field CardKingdom $5.99 TCGPlayer $5.99
Kethis, the Hidden Hand CardKingdom $2.49 TCGPlayer $2.46

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