This Week in Magic - Week 13

31 Mar
by Jeremy Lichtenberger

Spoiler season for Amonkhet is basically here, and we have already gotten a taste of what's to come on the new plane. We have GP San Antonio this weekend, and it's team Modern, so that will be super sweet to watch! Also Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (the newest inventions) have been spoiled and they really haven't been a crowd favorite. Let's unearth and analyze this week in Magic!



Here at Mtgstocks, we deal with card fluctuation all the time, just not a Fluctuator. Wizards announced the grand return of cycling as a mechanic, and boy people went crazy. Fluctuator was bought out almost immediately and the few people who were actually playing the Legacy cycling deck (example list here) couldn't help but cackle. The sad thing is that Stabilizer completely shuts the entire deck off, and I'm surprised that it hasn't spiked as well. Fluctuator will probably never see under $8 now, which is unfortunate because it's such a niche, fun card. 


Eldrazi Temple

Last week I talked about Eldrazi Temple being a cheap pickup because it was steadily climbing, and this week it's up to its all-time high. It's crazy to think that a land that was so instrumental in shaping Modern during Eldrazi Winter is only now hitting its high. I mean, if you like casting any Eldrazi, you absolutely have to have Temples in your deck. Basically the Eldrazi deck took over Modern so fast, no one bought into it because they knew something would get banned. The cards became tainted. The Eldrazi that you can cast off these 2 mana lands are still dirt cheap as well!



Sometimes you feel the power within you, and you've got to riiiiiise up! Preach on, Preacher! Preacher was the target of the latest mini buyout and it immediately took me back to the summer of 1995 when my friends and I were playing Magic in a public park on a bench. I tapped my two Unlimited Savannah's and a Forest to cast my Preacher. During my next turn I tried to gain control of my friend's Shivan Dragon when a gust of wind blew most of my cards onto the grass. My friend said, in his best southern preacher voice “And the Lord said you shall NOT take my Dragon, imposter!” Upon writing this article, I actually ordered a NM copy and plan on keeping it in a case. 


Living End

Living End spiked this week, and it's almost certainly due to cycling returning as a mechanic. Living End Modern decks are fun to play and play against, but really don't represent a significant portion of decks in the format. I'm not sure the deck really needs a new cycler, but it definitely can't hurt. Graveyard hate shuts it down pretty hard and that's part of the reason it doesn't see that much competitive play. Here's an example deck list

Foils of the Week!

It's worth noting that foil Through the Breach has taken an astronomical leap this week. The card will continue to be great, and now the window to buying a foil playset is basically closed. Following the Eldrazi trend, foil All Is Dust has climbed and it looks like it will continue to. Mindslicer, a card I have tried to push in Modern, is getting the all-star treatment, which makes my many foils look that much better!

Cheap pickups of the Week!

It's incredibly sad to write this, but Brimaz, King of Oreskos is a fantasic pickup right now. I love the King of Oreos so much, and it pains me that he sees no love. I mean, a 3/4 vigilant beater for 3 that makes tokens seems like a no brainer. Now is probably the last chance you have to spec on cards for Amonkhet as we will be getting spoilers next week. Zombie and Zombie related cards seem like a good direction to start. Her highness, madam Emrakul, the Promised End of Standard is ultra-cheap post ban and it's a great time to buy your copies for Commander! It's also a great to be a collector of planeswalkers because nearly every single walker in Standard is as cheap as it can get (not talking about you Gideon. You go eat a ban hammer!)

Mtgstocks mystery chart of the Week!

Last week's mystery card was No Mercy. I dropped a few hints that led some to the correct answer, but most struggled with it. This week, I decided on a card I dislike. I hate seeing it under anyone's control. I think it should have the keyword “may” removed. It also will definitely not see a reprint in Amonkhet…

Conversation of the Week!

If you haven't seen them, the list of the new Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations is here. The internet basically imploded when these were spoiled and the outcry has been deafening. Firstly, I'd like to say that I'm open to new, creative ideas and I like the thought of these cards. However, the execution looks a bit lackluster. The font is very hard to read, the borders take away from the card and the art, while gorgeous, seems to take a back seat to the design. I haven't held one of these in my hand yet, so I can't say if I love or hate them, but I think we should be more patient when it comes to passing full and complete judgement. Besides, if you think they are ugly, please pass them my way when you open them!

The best Commander card you're not playing!

This week, the best Commander card you're not playing is actually a handful of cards. Targeted discard like Thoughtseize, Duress and the like. Most people feel that making an opponent discard cards is a jerk move, and it can be with things like Myojin of Night's Reach, but that doesn't mean disrupting your opponents with targeted discard is bad. It's usually more suited for 1v1 Commander, but nothing is stopping you from looking at the guy or gal who just cast Demonic Tutor last turn. 

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