Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations

Aggravated Assault (M)$26.95
Attrition (M)$24.95
Austere Command (M)$35.06
Aven Mindcensor (M)$29.99
Bontu the Glorified (M)$50.00
Chain Lightning (M)$27.99
Consecrated Sphinx (M)$65.33
Containment Priest (M)$54.98
Counterbalance (M)$39.99
Counterspell (M)$45.90
Cryptic Command (M)$74.98
Dark Ritual (M)$51.99
Daze (M)$53.45
Diabolic Intent (M)$29.97
Divert (M)$20.45
Entomb (M)$42.05
Force of Will (M)$247.94
Hazoret the Fervent (M)$49.89
Kefnet the Mindful (M)$43.99
Loyal Retainers (M)$38.48
Maelstrom Pulse (M)$46.47
Mind Twist (M)$47.45
Oketra the True (M)$44.00
Pact of Negation (M)$54.45
Rhonas the Indomitable (M)$64.99
Spell Pierce (M)$46.97
Stifle (M)$37.98
Vindicate (M)$32.40
Worship (M)$29.99
Wrath of God (M)$39.99

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