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This Week in Magic - Week 6

  • by Jeremy Lichtenberger on 2017-02-10 - Twitter15

Congrats go to Lucas Esper Berthoud from Brazil for taking down Pro Tour Aether Revolt! The Standard top 8 wasn't diverse, but then again the Pro Tour has its own meta. Cards have been moving all over the place in the wake of another Pro Tour event, so let's see what happened this week in Magic.

Sigil of Distinction Scrapheap Scrounger True-Name Nemesis 

This Week in Magic - Week 5

  • by Jeremy Lichtenberger on 2017-02-03 - Twitter15

Pro Tour Aether Revolt is happening as of this writing, and I'm excited to see what the pros bring to the table for Standard. Also, Star City Games has regionals (Modern) going on all over the US, so it will be a great weekend of Magic. Let's see what has been making movement in the market this week.

Retract Runed Halo Primal Vigor 

This Week in Magic - Week 4

  • by Jeremy Lichtenberger on 2017-01-27 - Twitter15

Standard was shaken up quite a bit recently, and the dust has yet to settle. Generally speaking, agro decks do well in the first weeks of a new Standard, and this week was no different. A few Aether Revolt cards made a good showing on camera and stole the spotlight. Let's dive in!

Retract Verdurous Gearhulk Saffi Eriksdotter 

This Week in Magic - Week 3

  • by Jeremy Lichtenberger on 2017-01-20 - Twitter15

Hopefully everyone got a chance to get in on some Aether Revolt pre-release action. Aether Revolt is live and legal now! Financially, AER leaves something to the imagination, but it looks like a ton of fun. Plus, Standard has yet to be hashed out, so only time will tell how much value this set will hold. Also, the ban list is live, so we will see some fireworks in Modern and Standard.

Spreading Plague Walking Ballista Fiery Confluence 

This Week in Magic - Week 2

  • by Jeremy Lichtenberger on 2017-01-13 - Twitter15

Alright stop...ban hammer time! If you were absent this last week, Wizards had a huge announcement, release the ban list early! Standard and Modern are in for a shake up, so prices are all over the place. Oh yeah, they also printed a turn 4 infinite kill in Standard ala Splinter Twin. This should be an interesting week...

Saheeli Rai Golgari Thug Unmask 

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