Weekly Winners (7)

  • by Peter on 2014-02-13 - Twitter15

Today was a rather slow week, no format or archetype breaking changes. But still, I have some interesting weekly winners for you this week.  

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#1 Mogg Infestation +60.7% ($6) 

Mogg Infestation

I'm not particularly fond of writing about cards like Mogg Infestation. The rise of this card feels very much as market manipulation and that's something I don't support. But still, it's the #1 riser this week.

Mogg Infestation is not played in any competitive format or archetype but it's an interesting card for casual and EDH. And especially the latter. It has a better fun-factor than other board sweepers because it gives your opponent 1/1 goblins in return. And you can save your own creatures. Mogg Infestation is not very powerful, it's not bad. But in my opinion it's not worth $6.


#2 Death and Taxes (Legacy) 

Death and Taxes has never been as popular in Legacy as today. As you can see in the two graphs below, Death and Taxes has been on a steady rise over the past 6 months. The graph shows the percentage of decks in a certain archetype that are competing on a competitive level.


As you can see, Death and Taxes is on the rise, where Treshold UGr is in sharp decline. Patriot (also UWR Delver) has been on a steady rise as well. It's popularity keeps growing. 


And accordingly, we see some staples from Death and Taxes rising over the past week(s):

Rishadan Port




Aven Mindcensor




AEther Vial


Stoneforge Mystic

 Please note that the Death and Taxes staples that have risen the most are played in other formats and/ or archetypes as well. Simple market economics applies in theses cases. As you saw in the metagame graph above; Patriot is also on the rise, and that deck uses a lot of the same white staples.


 #3 Thundermaw Hellkite +34% ($14):

Thundermaw Hellkite

Thundermaw Hellkite is getting back on track. There are only a few cards that show a rollercoaster ride similar to Thundermaw. It sees play in WUR Midrange in Modern and even some are planning to stick it in their new Zoo decks. But I don't think that will prove to be good enough in the long run.



'Cheap' Pickups


Lightning Helix ($2.80):

Lightning Helix


Glimmervoid  ($8.65):



Goblin Sharpshooter  ($6):

Goblin Sharpshooter


Maze of Ith ($23)

Maze of Ith



And what about those Onslaught fetchlands?

Last week I posted a combined graph of all Modern fetchlands. And this week I'll share the graph of the onlslaught fetchlands. Please notice that Polluted Delta has jumped $5 in price since last week!


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