About Us

MTGStocks.com started as a little side-project and a personal pricechecker to keep track of MTG Finance of all cards, but is slowly evolving into a more sophisticated application where card prices are being tracked and analytical trends are being detected. MTGStocks is free, fun and easy to use. If you want to know a little more... read on!


Where do you get your pricing data from?

All prices are being provided by TCGPlayer.com. With this data, we are able to make an analysis of all trends currently happening.

Why do you exclude certain sets from the default Interests?

We exclude sets which are not tournament legal in Legacy, Vintage, Standard and Modern. Beside those sets, we exclude the ones which are very rare. This might be odd, but if we assume there are only a few stores/people offering a certain card from the Alpha set and the cheapest one gets bought, we would immediately see an effect on its average price. We usually are not interested in these effects, because it does not really give a proper insight in the card's value.

The sets we exclude by default are:
Alpha EditionArchenemyBattle Royale Box SetBeatdown Box SetBeta EditionChamps PromosCollector's EditionDeckmasters Garfield vs FinkelFNM PromosGame Day PromosGateway PromosGrand Prix PromosJudge PromosLaunch Party CardsMedia PromosMiscellaneous PromosPortalPortal Second AgePortal Three KingdomsPrerelease CardsPro Tour PromosRelease Event CardsSpecial OccasionStarter 2000UngluedUnhingedUnlimited EditionVanguard.

However, by creating a username, you are able to select which sets you would like to show up in your Interests, including the ones we exclude by default!

I would like to help! Can I?

Absolutely! There are several ways to help MTGStocks.com become better. First of all, please let us know if you find bugs or have some awesome features that really should be added. You can mail us at .

Second, you can tell other people about this website and spread the word. You can also do this by liking our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

Last, you can donate money through Paypal to help us pay for our servers and keep MTGStocks fun for everyone!

How often will you update this site?

To be honest, we are not entirely sure about this. Since it's just a hobby project, we will make updates and create new functionalities when we have time available. We do have a small list of things we do would like to add.

Can I safely create an account on your site?

Yes, definitely. Your e-mail address is only used to send you your password and passwords are encrypted before they are saved. We will never use your information without your permission.

What benefits do I get for having an account?

When you create an account you are able to add cards to your watch list, which means that you can easily access the cards you are interested in. You are also able to manage your card inventory and see individual transactions which you have made for cards. This makes it easy for you to track how much you are spending on buying and selling cards. Last, but not least, you are able to customize your interests. You are able to select the thresholds of interests and decide which sets you are (or are not) interested in.

I've thought of a feature that should be added to MTGStocks!

That's great! Leave us a message on our Twitter account, or write us an e-mail at . Please be clear with the description of this functionality.

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